Welcome to the Eastern Front!

Fair Share Market Garden is a human-scale farm striving toward a closed system of sustainability.

In this “hot” war against our world, Fair Share Market Garden does none of the damaging practices of large-scale agriculture operations, where profit, above all else, is the entrepreneur’s objective. Our machinery consists of a single two-wheeled tractor that will never make us rich or even work without a person walking behind it.

All of our crops are from heirloom or open-pollinated varieties on their way to being categorized as heirloom seed. We make every effort to source our seeds from the Canadian Maritimes, and only stray from the region when we’re able to reproduce that crop the following season without buying externally again. This means non-GMO produce whose ripened seed can be saved and reproduced in your own garden exactly as you purchased it at the market. 

Our produce is not ripened with ethylene gas on trucks from Mexico, the US, or elsewhere in Canada. They are harvested at peak flavour and more often than not sold at markets on the same day.

At a time when 97% of the scientific world agrees that human-caused climate change is making our planet a hotter, harder place to be, we believe that boutique farms like ours will be the future of human sustainability, so pick up some veggies at our market or farm stand, save some seed, and get gardening!